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About me....

Hi, I'm Manuela (Manu), the designer, owner and creator of http://www.justkiddies.com/      My Online-store for Kids and Moms.

Just Kiddies (used to be "Bradkid") was created in 2002 by me, in Hamburg/Germany.
Now that we have moved to the U.S., in the summer of 2004, I continue working on my store.

I'm a Costume tailor and have worked for Fashion Designers and at the Opera House in Hamburg/Germany.

I love to design and to sew. I got my first sewing maschine when I was 5 years old. My parents and my Grandmom are Custom tailors also.
Another passion of me is to take photos! My family can tell :o) ... I take pictures of everybody and everything... all the time.
I do Yoga and Pilates and like to run to come up with new ideas. It clears my mind and makes me more creative!

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